At the front line of pest control

Know your enemy

At Rodent Warrior we have over 13 years of experience in pest control. Regardless of the nature of your problem, our understanding and expertise in preventing, treating or eliminating a premises or environment of pests is second to none. Much of this comes down to our knowledge of wildlife. We know the breeding cycles of fleas and bedbugs. We can identify from markings and tracks the nesting grounds for rodents. And there's not much we don't know about animal droppings! Nature's clues will reveal who our enemy is, and we have the perfect solution for dealing with it as humanely, effectively and with as little disruption to your business, or distress to yourself or the creature as possible.

We offer

    Domestic and Commercial Services
    Commercial contracts with rapid same day response
    Experienced staff
    Royal Society of Health in Pest Control certification
    Modern and traditional techniques
    Technical support
    Electric fly killers - maintenance or purchase
    Proofing against birds and squirrels
    Regular routine service inspections
    Written reports
    Free survey and written quotation
    CCTV drain inspections